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We pay based on Average Market Value, recalculated daily and we pay in cash (via Check or Paypal). If you opt for Store Credit instead, we'll increase our offer.

We buy cards through our online portal that are included in the Standard and Modern format. For cards that are foils or are older than Modern, please come visit us or call us at 425-609-4527. 

To get started, just search for the card you've got for sale in the search bar above, or browse by set using the menu to the left. Add the cards you are selling to the cart, and then proceed to checkout. Your Buylist Order will be reviewed by one of our friendly minions and Accepted, Adjusted, or Rejected. If the order is Accepted or Adjusted, you can submit your Buylist Order to us in person or through the mail using the guidelines below. 

Submitting a Buylist Order:

  • Please remove all card sleeves
  • Sort cards in alphabetical order by set name, and then by card name
  • Package cards in a bubble mailer or box that will sufficiently protect them during shipment

Failure to comply with these requirements will delay the processing of your order. Cards will be graded when they arrive, and cards that do not meet our grading requirements will be downgraded. Cards that are downgraded can either be rejected or have the price we are offering for the card will be downgraded to match the condition of the card.

Near Mint: 100% of the offered price
Light Play: 80% of the Near Mint Price
Moderate Play: 70% of the Near Mint Price
Heavy Play: 60% of the Near Mint Price
Damaged: 50% of the Near Mint Price

Any cards we reject will be returned to you at your request.

Shipping Suggestions:

  • Up to Three cards: Put all the cards into a single sleeve, and then put that sleeve into a top loader. Be sure to seal the top of the top loader with scotch tape so the cards don't slide out.
  • Up to Nine cards: Use the method for 3 cards in multiple top loaders. Order of more than six cards should ship in a bubble mailer or it may not survive shipment.
  • Ten or More cards: Use a team bag to keep the cards together and protected during shipment and ship in a bubble mailer. Max of 50 cards per team bag. Inserting a single top loader into the team bag can provide further protection, as can double-bagging using two team bags.  

Grading Standards

When grading, we examine both the surface of the front and the back of the card, as well as looking at the card from the top, bottom, and both side edges to see if the card is deformed in any way. We are looking for scratches, bends, worn surfaces, accumulated dirt, and other damage to the card. Cards that are graded down from the condition they were described to be in on the Buylist order you submit to us may be rejected for failure to meet our condition guidelines.

Mint/Near Mint

Cards in Mint/Near Mint condition appear as if they are fresh out of a pack, and have no scratches, bends, tears, edge wear, or other visible damage, even when inspected closely. The only defects normally present in Near Mint condition cards are very small edge and corner defects that are normal when a card is cut from the sheet where it was printed, scratches only visible when the card is examined closely using magnification under bright light, or the card image not being completely centered on the card.  

Light Play

Cards in Light Play condition do not have any visible wear to the finish of the card, bends or tears. Defects such as light edge wear (up to a few tiny white spots around the edge of the card) or light scratches or pinpricks in the finish that are visible when closely examined are acceptible. An easy way to see these kinds of pinpricks and scratches are when the card is help up to a light and a reflection travels across the surface of the card. As long as these defects are not excessive, the card will be considered light play. 

Moderate Play

Cards in Moderate Play condition will have obvious flaws that can be seen even under cursory examinations. A few scratches that are visible without close examination. Obvious wear to the edges of the card, including light whitening of the edges due to play. Dirt that has visibly accumulated on the card when compared to a near mint card. A single crease in an otherwise near mint card doesn't keep the card from laying flat. As long as the card is not bent or creased, this is the lowest a card can be graded and still be considered legal to play in an unsleeved deck. 

Heavy Play

Cards if Heavy Play condition will have obvious and excessive flaws. Excessive scratching. Obvious wear and whitening to the edges of the card. Dirt that obscures parts of the card. Creased cards if not excessive will be considered Heavy Play. Sections where the finish of the card has been worn away and the white of the cardboard underneath are visible. This is the lowest a card can be graded and still be considered legal to play if it is used in a sleeved deck. 


Cards in Damaged condition are still intact, but contain defects that make them illegal for use, even in a sleeved deck. Cards that are bent or severly creased, have wear to such an extent that the text on the card is no longer readable, have been water damaged, are miscut, have spots of ink on them fron the printing process, and cards that have been marked or altered in any way fall into this grading category. Yes, this includes signed or altered art magic cards

Bulk Card Buys

Bulk Card Buys are special buy orders that must be done in person at our store. Because of the incredible amount of work it takes to sort, grade, and inventory a large amount of cards we will need to take a look at the order in person before accepting it. If we do accept your bulk buy order, the prices are generally $1 per 1000 cards (rounded to the nearest 1000), or $0.05/each for bulk rares as long as the cards appear to be in mostly near mint or light play condition. Collections of cards that generally show clear signs of wear, water damage, or have a detectable odor of smoke, mold, or other indications of damage will be rejected.