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Core 2019 Prerelease Event - IRONMAN

Core 2019 Prerelease Event - IRONMAN

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    Welcome to our Core 2019 Prerelease event. This set explores the further plans of Nicol Bolas as he seeks to become the ultimate power in the Magic The Gathering multiverse! Join us as we see what exciting new cards are released during the first Core set release in 3 years.  You can even buy a booster box of Core 2019 and take it home with you during our prerelease events (while supplies last!).

    Ironmen are special: Ironmen get to participate in every one of our Prerelease events! In each event, you will get a Core 2019 Prerelease Pack that gives players a sneak peek at the new set with six booster packs along with a themed insert, a spindown life counter, and a premium promo card of any rare or mythic rare in the set.

    The complete list of events this ticket gets you access to is:

    At each event, in addition to our booster pack prizes, we are also using $7.50 of each entry fee for a store credit prize pool! The top half of players and one random player from the bottom half will get a portion of the store credit pool. The total prize amount is based on the number of players who have registered for each event. 

    Finally, and most importantly, the top player out of all of the IRONMEN for the weekend will receive a FREE box of Core 2019 when it releases on July 13th. All other IRONMEN will be able to purchase a box of Core 2019 for amazingly low price of $86.99 upon release.

    Don’t have time to devote to being one of our IRONMEN or to commit 6 hours to a full Prelease event? We’ve got you covered! During the prerelease weekend we have a several ways that you can participate and get your hands on this new set early! 

    You can drop in and buy a booster box of core 2019 during our prerelease events (while supplies last). 

    Our Prerelease Party event is where you pick up a prerelease pack for $30 and build a 40 card minimum deck, just like you would during one of our normal prerelease events. Then you can play with others who are participating in the prerelease party event or even other players who are between rounds in the main prerelease events!

    Like the idea of the Prerelease Party event, but don’t want to build a deck yourself? Register for Open Dueling and get a Planeswalker deck from the new set for $14.99 + tax, open it up, and play with other players who are here during the prerelease weekend! There’s even a couple of booster packs from the new set included in each planeswalker deck so you can open some booster packs and tailor the deck to your own individual playing style. 

    Don’t forget that we’ll also be having our breakfast potluck event at 11AM on Sunday before our first Prerelease event of the day! Bring your favorite breakfast dish to share with everyone!