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Magic League

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    The first week of league, each participant will purchase three Ixalan booster packs from Wandering Havoc Games and use those three boosters to build a 30 card minimum deck. Each week you can purchase an additional booster from Wandering Havoc Games and use it to augment your initial deck. If you lose three times with the same deck you may purchase an additional booster to augment your deck. If you start after the official start date you will be allowed to catch up on boosters. 

    You can play matches anytime during the week, but each Tuesday will mark the beginning of a new week for the league. League Matches are always the best of 1 game, so they are a great way to fill time between rounds at other Magic events!

    League runs from October 3rd through October 30th


    Prizes will be distributed at the end of the league season. There will be boosters awarded for:

    • Most Matches Won 
    • Most Consistent Winner (Highest Win%)
    • Most Matches Played
    • Most Matches Lost
    • Most Opponents Played

    The number of boosters won will depend on the number of league participants.

    During the course of the league, if you can pull off any of the following achievements you'll be awarded with a promo of your choice from our backlog of promos the first time you fulfil any of the following conditions:

    • I'm Scrooge McDuck (Win using Revel in Riches)
    • Memory Loss (Win by milling your opponent)
    • Pirate Plunderer (Win using only Pirate creatures)
    • Bloodsucker (Win uing only Vampire creatures)
    • Nature's Way (Win using only Merfolk creatures)
    • Thunder Lizard (Win using only Dinosaur creatures)
    • Its a Keeper (Win with through one of the Keeper Triggers)
    • Favorable Winds (Win using only creatures with flying)