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Pokemon Ultra Prism Prerelease 1/20 @ 6pm Event 1

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  • Description

    Necrozma has stolen the light and trainers everywhere are rising up to help reclaim it. But they are not alone for they have the help of the all new Prism cards to help them.

    Admission: $30
    Each player receives a prerelease deck that contains 4 Ultra Prism packs, a 22 card evolution pack and 1 of 4 promo cards they use to construct a 40 card deck, basic energy cards are provided. Players receive additional packs at the end of the tournament. Format is TCG: Limited age-modified Swiss, best of 3, 45 min +3 rounds.
    Tournament Information:
    First event: Jan 20, Registration runs from 6-7pm,
    Second event: Jan 25, Registration runs from 6-7pm,
    Third event: Jan 27, Registration runs from 6-7pm.

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