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Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease - Saturday 6PM

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    The legendary city of Orazca has been found, but it will not be claimed without a fight. Now, you must outpace, outwit, and overpower your rivals as you vie for control of this ancient metropolis. Succeed, and you will wield the greatest power of the plane. On January 13th, get your first chance to experience this new set at one of our Magic: The Gathering Prerelease events. 

    The Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease Pack gives players a sneak peek at the new set with six booster packs along with a themed insert, a spindown life counter, and a premium promo card of any rare or mythic rare in the set.

    This event is a Sealed event, which means players will build a 40 card minimum deck using their prerelease box and then participate in a swiss tournament. 

    Every player who completes the tournament will get two booster packs of Rivals of Ixalan (while supplies last). 

    Unlike other stores, in addition to our booster pack prizes, we are also using $7.50 of each entry fee for a store credit prize pool! The top half of players and one random player from the bottom half will get a portion of the store credit pool. The total prize amount is based on the number of players who have registered for each event. 

    IRONMEN are players who participate in ALL SIX of our prerelease events over the prerelease weekend will get access to special prizes! The top player out of all of the IRONMEN for the weekend will receive a FREE box of Rivals of Ixalan when it releases on September 29th. All other IRONMEN will be able to purchase a box of Rivals of Ixalan for amazingly low price of $86.99 upon release. 

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