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Store Membership

Bringing the hammer down on prices!

Purchase a Wandering Havoc Games store membership, and we’ll take 10% off of all* items you purchase in the store. Our store membership is $25 per year.

*Does not include food or beverages, or items already discounted more than 10%.

Magic: The Gathering Products

Buy Magic: The Gathering Boosters from us and SAVE BIG!

Booster Packs ($3.99 MSRP)

3 for $10 (Save 23%)

Booster Boxes ($143.65 MSRP)

The first people who buy each booster box set will receive a foil promo card in addition to the deals listed blow.

$109.99 Our Price (Save 23%)

$98.99 Membership Price (Save 31%)


If we don’t have the game you’re looking for on the shelf, please talk to one of our store minions about ordering it in for you. Not only will we not charge you for shipping, but we’ll also take 5% off the price. If you’re a member, the order discount jumps to 15%!


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