Weekly Events

Modern Tuesdays

Every Tuesday we meet up and play Magic: The Gathering's very popular Modern format. 

Start Time: Tuesdays at 7PM
Entry Fee: $6
Prize Support example based on Win-Loss-Draw record after 4 rounds.

D&D Night

HAIL ADVENTURERS! Every Wednesday, bring your favorite character and play our drop in 5e D&D night. Don't have a character? We'll help you make one or give you a pre-generated character to get you started! This is a great event for both brand new players and experienced players who just wanna scratch that mid-week D&D itch.

Start Time: Wednesdays at 6PM
Entry Fee: FREE!

Pokemon Thursdays

Come join us for Pokemon League! Each week we meet and see if it really is possible to catch 'em all! The schedule varies from week to week. Most weeks are free play league weeks with no entry fee. Once a month we have a League Challenge, once a month we have a booster draft, and once a quarter we have a League Cup event. 

Start Time: Thursdays at 6PM

Entry Fee: Varies depending on event. 

Friday Night Magic

Every Friday night we get together and play Magic: The Gathering! Our event schedule depends on the week of the month:

Start Time: Fridays at 7PM and 8PM

  • Week 1/3 of the Month at 7PM we hold Booster Drafts and at 8PM we have Commander
  • Week 2/4 of the Month at 7PM we have Standard and at 8PM we have Two Headed Giant Commander
  • Week 5 of the Month (if there is one) we have a 6 Pack Sealed event at 7PM and Planeschase Commander at 8PM. 

Entry Fee:

  • $15 for Booster Drafts
  • $6 for Standard and Two Headed Giant Commanders 
  • $FREE for Commander and Planeschase Commander
  • $25 for Sealed


Every week we have a special Friday Night Magic promo that we give away to the top players in each event. For our 7PM events, we also have prizes that are handed out based on your final Win-Loss-Draw record after four rounds.

For our 8PM commander events, we hand out FNM Promos and event entry is FREE!


Standard Sundays

Every Sunday we meet up and play Magic: The Gathering's very popular Standard format. We give away Promo Packs in addition to our normal store credit prize support! 

Start Time: Sunday at 1PM
Entry Fee: $6


Looking for More?

We have special Facebook groups for each of our major product lines, and we post new product announcements and special event information in each group: