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Explorers Of The North Sea: Rocks Of Ruin

Explorers Of The North Sea: Rocks Of Ruin

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  • Description

    Recent storms have left longships torn apart, with their precious cargo scattered across the rocky shores. Meanwhile, rumours of great fortresses in nearby regions are beginning to spread. Will you be the first to salvage the wrecks, or will you throwcaution to the wind and charge the enemy fortresses for fame and glory?

    Rocks of Ruin adds new ways to score with salvaging Shipwrecks, building Structures and raiding Fortresses. When placing tiles with a Shipwreck, a token is taken from the supply and placed facedown on the tile. Players may spend an action with 1 Viking to salvage a Shipwreck. They will either find Timber for building Structures, Provisions for additional actions, Battering Rams for raiding with 1 fewer Viking, or precious Gold worth 3 Victory Points at the game's end.

    *This is not a standalone game. Explorers of the North Sea is required to play.


    • 5 Mills 
    • 5 Workshops 
    • 5 Barracks 
    • 1 Longship 
    • 7 Vikings 
    • 5 Outposts 
    • 5 Fortress Tokens 
    • 24 Shipwreck Tokens 
    • 24 Tiles 
    • 3 Captain Cards 
    • 5 Dashboards 
    • 1 Score Pad 
    • Mini Expansion for the North Sea Runesaga
  • Details
    Year: 2018