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  • Description
    Selected to Parenting Magazine's Toy Hall of Fame
    Winner of a Parents Choice Gold Seal Award
    A-haaaa...Dragons, jewels, maps and bones!
    Get lost in the fun! Hunt for treasure as you weave your way strategically through The aMAZEing Labyrinth!
    Kids love the treasure hunt and the constant surprises! Parents excite at the constantly changing maze and ever-challenging need for complex thought!
    It's your turn! Think ahead, then shift the walls to rearrange the maze for your advantage ..grab the treasures and race back to where you started.
    Unpredictable fun, the entire maze shifts and changes on each turn, confounding some and helping others. High re-playability, Labyrinth is uniquely different and exciting every time you play.
    Find non-verbal skills, logic, luck...and brilliant fun.
    • 10 Million Ravensburger Labyrinth Games Sold Worldwide
    • Selected to Parenting Magazine's Toy Hall of Fame
    • Parents Choice Gold Seal Award
    • A Strategy Game with a High Level of Re-playability
    • Adaptable to Simpler Variation for Younger Kid Maze Game
    • Learn to Play in Less Than a Minute
    • High Quality, Thick, Slightly Textured Pieces
    • Contained in Heavy, Highly Durable Game Box
    • 20-30 Minute Gameplay
    34 maze cards, 24 treasure cards, 4 wooden playing figures, 1 playing board, and game rules
    2 to 4 Players
    Ages 8+ 
  • Details
    Publisher: RAVENSBURGER