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Monsieur Carrousel

Monsieur Carrousel

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  • Description
    Monsieur Carrousel is a cooperative game. Work together to help all of the kids get on the carousel before the rain starts to fall! On your turn roll the die. Choose a kid token that is not yet on the carousel and place it on an empty seat that matches the colour rolled on the die. Make sure to remember the seat type of the kids! Then spin the carousel. What's the weather like when the carousel stops? If your kid ends up in the sun zone of the game board you pick up a yellow stick representing a ray of sunshine and place it in a trough on the board; the troughs need two sticks to fill and if the stick doesn't fit the space exactly then you place it back in the reserve so pick carefully! If your kid ends up in the rain zone add a raindrop to the board. You roll a colour that has kid tokens in both spaces on the wheel? Spin the carousel and when it stops look at the seat Monsieur Carrousel is now pointing at with his finger. If he points to a seat with a kid on it then guess which seat the kid is sitting on. If your guess is correct place a sun stick; otherwise place a raindrop. The game ends when either all of the kids are on the carousel or all of the raindrops have been placed on the game board.
  • Details
    BGID: 264318
    Time: 15
    Designer: Sara Zarian
    Players: 1-6
    Year: 2019
    Family: N/A
    Ages: 4+
    Publisher: LOKI