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Village (2018)

Village (2018)

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  • Description

    Life in this village is tough! but at least it offers its residents a lot of room for development. Some make their career in the council chamber, some in the church, while others journey into the world...

    Village is a game full of tactical challenges. A clever action mechanism ensures that each turn is brief and still full of tricky decisions. Noteworthy is also the way the game deals with the subject of death. As a natural part of life, it is a frequent guest in the village and requires especially one thing: smart time management.

    • 1 Game board
    • 1 Sticker sheet
    • 2 Cloth bags
    • 4 Farmyards
    • 20 Grain tiles
    • 32 Wooden markers
    • 40 Goods tiles
    • 48 Wooden figures
    • 78 Wooden cubes and more...

  • Details
    PrimaryName: Village
    Product Title: Village