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Throne of Eldraine Prerelease - Sealed - Saturday at 6PM

Throne of Eldraine Prerelease - Sealed - Saturday at 6PM

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    Throne of Eldraine is coming October 4th, and this is your chance to play with the cards from the set early! Wandering Havoc Games is running NINE prerelease events, with a special rewards for our IRONMEN who participate in 6 (or more!).

    This event will be a Sealed Event. You'll get a prerelease kit which you'll use to build a 40 card minimum deck. We'll provide you with basic lands, but everything else you'll need to play will be in the prerelease kit.

    Each event is limited to five rounds, so each event will end on time for the next one to begin.

    For each participant in our Prerelease events we'll contribute $7.50 to our store credit prize pool. The top half of players in each event will get store credit. EVERYONE will get two booster packs of Throne of Eldraine at the end of each event, as a thank you for participating.