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War of the Spark Prerelease Event - IRONMAN TICKET

War of the Spark Prerelease Event - IRONMAN TICKET

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    The IRONMAN is one of our signiture events here at Wandering Havoc Games, and dates all the way back to Theros Block! Ironman have been players who have participated in all six of our prerelease events over a prerelease weekend, and the top Ironman has always been rewarded with a free booster box of the upcoming set. We've had 22 Ironmen Champions over the years, and they are an elite group of tough players who have proven over and over again that they can consistently win events. 

    With upcoming changes to the way programs work at Official Magic Tournament locations, we've been allowed to schedule two more events into our weekend, allowing us to run 8 events over 48 hours with no breaks. This means we'll have to make some adjustments to the way the Ironman works. Starting with the War of the Spark prerelease event, Ironman will have to participate in a minimum of 6 of our prerelease events. By purchasing an Ironman ticket, you get entered into six events of your choice. If you want to play the additional two events as well, then you will need to buy into those two events in addition to purchasing your Ironman ticket. As an added incentive to play more than 6 events, only the best 6 of your results will be included in the Ironman standings.

    We are requiring you to register for your Ironman up front so we can track our Ironman Standings as the events go on. Ironman tickets must be purchased by the end of the night of Friday, April 26th. 

    We're also adding more prizes into the prize pool the more Ironmen get registered to play! Every 8 players who are registered as Ironmen, we will add a booster box to the prize pool. If we have 16 Ironmen register, that means the both first and second place will get a free booster box. If we have 24, then first, second, AND third will get a free booster box.