The Ironman

The Ironman is a competition that we've been running since the Theros block. We sanction six prerelease events for each Magic: The Gathering set, and for the Theros release event we had a player ask us what we'd do if they played through all six events. We didn't think he'd do it, so we told him that if he make it through all six events we'd sell him a booster box at our cost. Its no small feat. We started our events on Midnight Saturday morning and ran four events, back to back for 24 hours. Then we run the remaining two events on Sunday at Noon and 6PM. That's 36 hours of Magic in 48 hours. Aside from one break between the last Saturday event (which often runs late) and the start of the Noon event on Sunday, there's no stopping. 

Now, we're allowed to run even more prerelease events, so the Ironman have to complete any 6 events during the weekend to qualify for the free booster box. 

Here are our champions from Theros block forward:

Theros: Blair Johnson - The Original Ironman!
Born of the Gods: Alex Shaver
Journey Into Nyx: Jeremy Bullard
Core 2015: Vern Wells
Khans of Tarkir: Braden Malme/Tim Stultz
Fate Reforged: Nick Hale
Dragons of Tarkir: Brandon Crawford
Origins: ???
Battle for Zendikar: Nick Hale
Oath of the Gatewatch: Adam Hale
Shadows over Innistrad: ????
Eldritch Moon: Phill Olson
Kaladesh: Braden Malme
Aether Revolt: Adam Hale
Amonkhet: Brian Oshie
Hour of Devastation: Braden Malme
Ixalan: Adam Hale 
Rivals of Ixalan: Adam Hale
Dominaria: Phill Olson
Core Set 2019: Adam Hale
Guilds of Ravnica: Ryan Howlett
Ravnica Allegiance: Daniel Joyaux
War of the Spark: Phill Olson