Core Set 2020 Promo Policy

Core Set 2020 Promos

Here is how we're distributing promos from our new Core Set 2020 Promo boosters.

Click Here to read about the contents of these promo boosters. 

Premium Weekly Events

We'll be designating a couple of our weekly events as Premium events. At our Premium events, first place will get you a entire Premium booster pack. All the cards in this pack are foil. This is the booster that can get you that foil Japanese Alt-Art Liliana. The number of other places that get a promo booster pack will depend on the weekly attendance:

  • 8+ players - 1st place Premium, Regular booster for 2nd place 
  • 16+ players - 1st place Premium, Regular booster for 2nd & 3rd place
  • 24+ players - 1st place Premium, Regular booster for 2nd-4th place.

What are our current Premium events? 

  • Our 7PM Friday Night Magic event
  • Standard Sundays 

Special Events

During this upcoming season we'll have two special events where we'll have a higher than average promo pack payout: 

  • Draft Weekend (July 13th & 14th)
  • Commander Weekend (August 24th & 25th)

You MUST BE PRESENT at the end of the events to get a promo.

Regularly Scheduled Events

Each week we have a TON of events that we'd love to have you come and join us for. We get together and play our favorite games. We've just recently updated the list, so it's a great time to check it out on our Events Page

Wandering Havoc T-Shirts

We've started an account at TeeSpring so that those of you who have asked for shirts and apparel can get what you want! Visit our TeeSpring storefront to see everything we've got up for sale right now! Click Here!